Are you looking for the next level of skateboarding?

Half dirt bike. Half skateboard. Half tank.

This thing is 1.5x Awesome!

  • Patent Pending Design
  • Built by Hand
  • Electric Motor
  • Aluminum Body

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About Us

Triborg Skateboards are proudly designed and built in Lansing, MI

Triborg Skateboards are the newest, strongest, and most versatile power boards on the market today. Most electric skateboards on the market have a four- wheel design, but only one of these wheels is connected to the motor (this causes the board to twist one direction while accelerating and the other direction while braking). The biggest issue with the conventional four-wheel skateboard design is that when high speeds occur they get speed wobbles. Most skateboarders have experienced going too fast down a hill resulting in a loss of control due to the speed wobbles. This begs the question that if something gets more unstable the faster you go, then why would you put a motor on it?

Some electric skateboard makers have used truck dampers or longer wheel bases to minimize this problem but the makers of Triborg Skateboards decided to go another route and design the Triborg from scratch in a way that uses the same centrifugal force as a motorcycle or gyroscope. By placing the drive wheel and motor between feet, we have been able to create this same effect. This means no need for dampers or making it unnecessarily long.

Triborg's also have a dirt bike style rear suspension. This keeps the tire on the ground on harsh terrain while adding comfort on long rides. The Triborg suspension gives you the ability to go almost anywhere. Triborg’s are great in the dirt, on pavement or any relatable terrain.

About the Triborg Skateboard
  • Battery Pack
  • The power source is the heart of any electric vehicle. Triborg’s biggest material cost by far is the battery pack. Triborg's have a huge 24v 20ah lithium battery pack. The battery pack we are testing now is almost 2 years old with around 1,000 charge cycles and probably over 10,000 miles of skateboarding, and it’ still going and has no noticeable loss in power or range. Triborg battery packs come with a 1 year warranty.

    Triborg’s are equipped with an optional auxiliary power output that can supply power for any of the many uses you might have for a portable high capacity power source(camping, power outage, on location video or audio equipment, charging personal electric devises). Additional battery packs can be purchased and changed out in minutes.

  • Customizable
  • Every Triborg is made to order so colors, wheel type, wheel color, motor wattage, battery capacity, aluminum finish, grip tape are all customizable at your request. Each skateboard can take 1-4 months to make depending on availability of parts.

  • Maintenance
  • Lube the chain frequently, tighten or replace every couple thousand miles. Replace wheels every couple thousand miles. Besides that…. Just Ride!!

  • Riding a Triborg
  • Triborg's ride, like any other snowboard or skateboard turn with a lean. The difference is Triborg's have a thumb throttle and a hand brake. The 3 wheel design has a quick response and a tight turning radius. Pot holes or cracks in the road or sidewalk are no problem. Getting up and over things like curbs or logs are pretty easy using the throttle and suspension to lift you up and over.

    Triborg’s are great for commuting, at the skatepark, on the street or dirt trails..... Triborg's give you the ability to go almost anywhere. With a range close to 20 miles and speeds up to 20mph, Triborg's can take you places quick!

  • Triborg Frame
  • Triborg Skateboards have precision laser cut aluminum parts that are TIG welded by hand. Triborg frames were designed to supply the rigidity to the board while also protecting the electronics. Triborg frames come in polished aluminum or for an extra $200 a Line-X bed liner coating of your color choice.

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Each Triborg Skateboard features the following...